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Do you accept credit cards and checks? You can use Intuit's QuickBooks Check Processing and "Face-to-Face Solutions" credit card processing to process them quickly and efficiently – most often for less fees than the banks charge.

accept credit cards

There is even a check scanner that can process clients' checks (even out-of-state checks) and have the money in your account more quickly without making daily bank deposits. You can then electronically download the deposits directly to your QuickBooks program.

  • Eliminate driving to the bank
  • Eliminate paper checks & check deposit slips
  • Eliminate time-consuming paperwork
  • Eliminate refusal of out-of-state checks
  • Eliminate photocopying checks
Intuit Point-of-Sale software If you are retailer who tracks inventory through your cash register, Intuit's QuickBooks POS Merchant Services software can be run on most equipment. It saves time & effort by downloading all the information directly into your QuickBooks program instead of having to make time consuming entries.
If you conduct business on a web site, Intuit's eCommerce Transactions software processes online credit card sales with a low-cost setup and 365/24/7 fast, friendly customer service. You'll get paid faster — approved funds are deposited into your existing bank account usually in 2-3 business days.

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