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Dear Small Business Owner:

There is an emerging and potentially troubling new trend in bookkeeping.

Some larger bookeeping agencies are offering to put your books online (on a server who-knows-where) where you, the bookkeeper – and who knows who else – can access the books from any computer via the internet at any time.

You are required to scan your confidential paper business documents into the system and a person or persons (very likely in another country) will then process bank reconciliations, enter credit card charges, balance to statements, etc all on-line via the internet.

If you're not comfortable scanning and uploading all your private business documents via the internet to an unknown/unseen third party who may well be in another country, you're not alone: KEC Services is not keen on the idea, either. I already have had one client call me who had his work on a server in Mississipi and then Hurricane Katrina came through and destroyed the place where it was so he was one person who discovered it might not be the best idea.

You can do your part to keep jobs in America, while enjoying added safety and security – no handling of sensitive and confidential business information by unknown/unseen third parties at unknown locations! All work done by KEC Services is done locally and confidentially by a known and reliable entity, who happens to be a U.S. citizen living in your city.

Please give me a call for any further information. I look forwarding to helping you!


K. E. Coe,

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