KEC Bookkeeping Services, San Diego, QuickBooks expert
What's in it for You?
  • dedicate your time & energy to running your business, not doing bookkeeping
  • one less extra employee to hire and train –
    save on employee taxes, wages & benefits
  • save on expensive CPA bookkeeping charges – we prepare your books & data for your accountant to file taxes
  • know your financial status every month
  • know when customers have past due accounts
  • keep your financial records confidential from employee access
To receive loans or raise capital for your business, lenders & investors want to see complete and accurate books. This may be the most important reason to invest time and money for bookkeeping.

You need a complete & accurate statement of your company's income and expenses – with detailed and accurate documentation – to file your taxes. With good bookkeeping, you may be able to reduce your taxes. Without good records, you may be liable for penalties and fines if you are audited.

Kathy, owner, KEC Bookkeeping Services, San Diego KEC Bookkeeping Services, San Diego, QuickBooks expert

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